Sunday, January 11, 2015

DIY Furniture! Torched Wood Nightstand

Well I have always been creative. I have always loved redoing furniture. I recall when I lived in Brooklyn when I was younger I made my dresser and and the border to my bedroom look like marble using nothing but shoe 

Well with three boys in the house I go through a lot of furniture.
 We had got this really nice set of wood tables and the kids scratched them up through instead of dumping them we decided to bring them back to life. 

My husband has always taught the boys to be boys. To get dirty, work hard, and to know their way around a tool box. So when it came time to sand down the tables. My oldest son who is 8, took charge and grabbed the sander and got down.
As you can see he did an awesome job sanding down the tables. 
He went at it one night. Just my husband and him sanding the tables listening to some country music and having some bonding time. My son enjoyed it and was so impressed with what he did.
Yes he did the WHOLE table by himself!

Well we could not decide what color we wanted to go with. 
My husband and I debated about staining or painting or different techniques to use but we could not agree. So this is what the tables sat at looking like for months in my living room.

Then the other night while searching the internet my husband came across a technique that used a blow torch to just burn the wood. Of course since we had a blow torch laying around on a Sunday afternoon we decided to just give it a try. 
Here is the nightstand now after my skills with the blow torch! 

I was so impressed with this but I wanted to take this a step further and give it a shiny coat. My husband then sprayed Helsmens Clear Sealer which really brought out the color of the wood that was not burnt and really gave that WOW effect to the wood that was burnt. 

I am super excited. I can not wait to sand down the coffee table and add some wrought iron fixtures! 

If your going to do this yourself... 
Here a few things that I learned while doing the project.
It was cool using the blow torch it was like painting with a paint brush. BUT you must be careful and you must not stay in one spot for two long or else you will leave burn holes. BUT there is no wrong way of doing it. It is kind of your canvas so you can go as light or as dark or as heavy or burnt as you wish.  
Of course I would always research you tube videos and make sure your staying safe! 


Friday, December 26, 2014

Get your Holiday Clearance On!

The Christmas Holiday is over and now it is time for you to jump on the Clearance Finds. 
If you are bummed out you did not score anything good at Walmart because it was all gone within 5 minutes or your mad that Walgreens took about the gift sets and placed them for sale singley or you missed out on getting an elf on the shelf for $10... I am about to tell you something. 

There are tons of stores with Christmas items and all need them to go to make room for Valentines! 

Think outside the box. 
Big Lots, Rural King, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Old Navy, 
JC Penny, and Save A Lot to name a few. 

Anything that even resembles Christmas plates, napkins, diapers, socks, chocolate, and more. 

Even if you can not leave the house check for deals at Home Depot
where they have tons of Christmas items up to 80% off. 
My Favorite One now is the Holiday Train Set 
from $44 to under $10 here!
Everywhere you turn there are deals and steals....

It is always best to wait a week or two and then head to Big Lots, TJMax and Marshalls for some great finds because this is when these stores get a bunch of the left overs from major retailers. 


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Old Navy PJ'S Mega Deal! UPDATED!

Okay I got a deal for you... 

Old Navy has 13 different pairs of Women Flannel PJ's 
Price was $16.94 and now just $6.00!

If you have never tried EBATES now is the time to do it. 

Because this is a MEGA hot deal! 

First you need tto sign up for Ebates and Grab the Ebates Button
Trust me I personally do not shop online without EBATES! 

New Ebates members get a special gift:
A $10 Gift Card when you spend $25.00 or more. 
PLUS you earn cash back on almost anything you can buy online.
PLUS with the Ebates button you wont ever loose out again!

If you downloaded the button you will see the Ebates Information 
Letting you know you will be earning back 7.0% on your Purchase

Out of the 13 you need to add (5) to your Cart. 
Imagine getting all the girls in your house Matching PJ's for Christmas Morning. 
Or getting (5) gifts because everyone loves nice comfy PJ's 
Total will be $30.00 plus tax 
ADD CODE FREE to get Free 2 day shipping! 

You will then get back 7.0% Cash back from Ebates which is $2.10
(you just need $2.40 more to get your first check.)
A $10 Gift Card for making a purchase over $25.00 from Ebates.
PLUS you will also earn $10 Super Cash from Old Navy
The $10 Off $25.00 Coupon will be emailed within 24 hours. 

So $30.00 plus tax 
Minus the $2.10 and the $10.00 Gift Card 
That makes each pair just $3.58
PLUS the $10 off $25 Coupon!

 Special Shout out to Yes We Coupon for this Hot Deal!  

The free shipping ended BUT you can still get in on this deal. 
Buy (6) pairs of PJ's
Total $36.00
(shipping is $7.00)
Enter Code DASHER (ends today expires 12/17)
Brings total $25.10 
Plus Shipping which is $7.00 and tax
So about $34.00 
 BUT you get back the $10.00 Gift Card from Ebates
The $2.10 Cash Back towards your cash back. 
And the $10.00 off $25.00 Super Cash from Old Navy. 

Disney Frozen Magical Lights Palace Play Set for under $14.00 plus tax after sign up and cash back!

Disney Frozen Magical Lights Palace Play Set 
on sale at available for local pick up at the store in Crystal River Sorry Shipping is NOT available. 

It is priced at $34.99 marked to $24.99
If your new to Ebates 
this will qualify for you to receive the $10 Gift Card
You will also earn back 3.0% 
That makes this about $14.00 plus tax!

If you signed up to Ebates and grabbed the button 

If your new to Ebates sign her grab the button. 

Then come back here and  

These are selling for upwards of 
$60 plus on Ebay with tons of bidding going on 
and $80 on Amazon! 



Thursday, December 11, 2014

Enhanced Black and White Diamond Accent Ribbon Infinity Pendant in Sterling Silver from $99.99 to $19.99!

Get this amazing Enhanced Black and White Diamond Accent Ribbon Infinity Pendant in Sterling Silver from Zales. 

If you have been around following me you will remember this from last year they had a deal on something simular. 
I think everyone is Spring Hill got one!

This year they upgraded and added the Black to it which I think is very nice. I can tell you that the chain is thin but the pendant is beautiful!  

I love mine and this WILL make a special gift. 

You can surely select to pick it up at the store to save the shipping if you wish. Or purchase $29.01 more to get free shipping. Perfect Gift for Someone Special. 

If you do NOT have Ebates Sign Up and grab the button. 

You will earn up to a $10 gift card if your new and make a purchase over $25.00 before tax and shipping. 

Plus either way you will earn cash back. 

You can learn about Ebates, The Button, and Sign Up

After just come back here... click here. 
Activate the Ebates cash back
And get this Awesome Pendant!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Almost $100.00 worth of toys for $23.00!

If you have been watching the page or the Facebook Group you will see that a few days ago I posted a deal for the 
Step2 Motorcycle and today I posted about the Little Tikes Kitchen

Together these would of cost you over $100.00! 
But here is a great deal for new Ebates Customers!

You will be directed to the page where you choose your gift card 
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Scroll to the bottom 
In the middle there is a section called Ebates Tools. 
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That is it. You will now be earning cash back on your online purchases. You can learn more about this works here.

Your page should look like this.. 
 Click on the Activate Cash Back Button
Then add the kitchen to the cart. 
Then search for the Step2 Motorcycle was $39.98 now $15.00
And add that to your cart. 

Simply check out and select store pick up
Make sure you are set to the closest location
You will pay $34.00 plus tax BUT
Get back $1.00 towards your cash back from Ebates 
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That is $23.00 for about $100 worth of toys!

Little Tikes Magicook Kitchen just $19.00!

Check out this adorable kitchen available in pink or brown that they have at Walmart for just $19.00! 
The price was almost $60.00 so this is a HOT price!

This is a great deal and an awesome gift to any boy or girl. 

If you checked out my post yesterday and downloaded the
 Ebates button all you have to do is click here and your page should look like this. 
 Just click the activate now button and just like that you will be earning back 3.0% with just a click. hehe... that was simple yes?

You will pay $19.00 plus tax. 
You can select free store pick up. 
Then you get 3.0% cash back from the order added 
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If you are not registered yet with Ebates. 

You can even get a $10.00 gift card on your first purchase over $25.00 before tax and shipping of course. 


This is an amazing deal at a great price. As said the kitchen is good for a boy or girl. My son had a kitchen when he was younger and now he is a top chef. OKAY maybe not that far but now that he is older he does like helping me make dinner. I wonder if the kitchen he had when he was younger had anything to do with it? 


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Earn money on Line Get the Ebates Button NOW.

People always ask me why I promote Ebates so much. 

The answer is very simple. 
Would you go to Publix and buy cookies 
and not use a coupon that you had for $1.00 off ? 
So why would you shop online and not use Ebates

BUT now life just got a whole lot easier. Ebates offers a button. 
It is a tool that you can download and it is placed on your address bar and it is the coolest thing ever. Let me show you some cool things that this button will do for you once you download it.

For instance I typed in in my address bar. 

As you can see I did nothing but Ebates is telling me to click the activate button to earn back 2.5% cash back. 
I click activate cash back and continue to shop BUT now I am earning cash back on all my purchases at Target
That simple and I did not even have to go to Ebates!

Now lets see I am looking for Nike sneakers. 

I typed in Nike sneakers and up pops where I can buy Nike Sneakers along with how much cash back Ebates will give me for shopping on the sites. WHAT!!! 

I also did a test to see if it gave me the same results without using the Ebates Button (on another computer that does not have the Ebates Button Installed) and yeap. Same Results. 

If you signed up to Ebates already you have to get the
Ebates Button there is NO doubt about it this thing is the best thing ever. It is like having a personal assistant carry around your binder and when you go to buy that can of sauce they are saying hello you have a coupon for that!!

Even more features include how simple it is to see how much your earning. Plus by clicking on the E on your tool bar you can see special offers on real time that they are running right now. 

This tool is simply amazing and will assure that when you are shopping online for anything you will be earning back ANY cash back from Ebates and trust me this is going to make your head spin when you see how much you earned back by doing NOTHING!

All you do is sign in by clicking here to go to Ebates 
Sign in and go to your account 
Scroll to the bottom 
In the middle there is a section called Ebates Tools. 
Click on Ebates button. 

If you are new to Ebates Click here to sign up
You will be directed to the page where you choose your gift card 
(see photo above if that is not what you see then your a member) 
Sign in or Create a User name and Password. 
Then enter in how you would like your cahs back to be deposited. 
You can choose paypal, mailing, or donation. 
Then Click  your account 
Scroll to the bottom 
In the middle there is a section called Ebates Tools. 
Click on Ebates button.

NOW if you DO any shopping online you have no excuse 

You earn money need I say more...
Any issues they have a 4.9% out of 5.0% in Customer Satisfaction. 
They are the top rated referral company with the highest payout.
You can use cash back/reward credits cards to double your payout. 
You can use coupon codes and discounts and still earn money. 
They offer a gift card for new members who spend over $25.00.

NOTE: You must earn at least $5.01 in order to receive your 
If you did not meet the requirements it will roll over to the next quarter. But you will quickly see with the ebates button as long as your shopping online your earnings will add up fast.  

I do not push anything on people BUT trust me this will make you some extra money. 

Even if are a business you can use Ebates. 
Maybe use the cash back that you receive to give out to an employee who did their best job that quarter. 
If your ordering $100's of dollars worth of office supplies each month or material threw participating stores thing of how much money you can earn your business back!