Thursday, August 7, 2014

$10 Money Maker on Minute Maid at Walmart

HOT Money Maker at Walmart on Minute Maid!

Buy (4) 59oz Cartons of Minute Maid Juice or Lemonade 
Priced at $1.25 each or $5.00 for all four.
Use (2) $1/2 Minute Maid Product 7/13 RP
Pay $3.00 THEN....
Text a photo of your receipt and the words MINUTE MAID to 811811 and receive a FREE $5 Walmart eGift Card! 

Given you a $2.00 Money Maker 
You can do this 5 times!!!!


If you do not have the $1/2 Coupon you can do this... 
Buy (4) 59oz Cartons of Minute Maid Juice or Lemonade 
Priced at $1.25 each or $5.00 for all four.
Use (1)
$1/4 Minute Maid Fruit Drink Printable HERE
Or just use (1) $1/2 Coupon (since they only come 1 in the mail)
Pay $4.00 THEN....
Text a photo of your receipt and the words MINUTE MAID to 811811 and receive a FREE $5 Walmart eGift Card!

 Gift Card Promotion is valid from July 28th -September 7th
Star the items on your receipt and text your receipt
You will receive a validation with your code for the $5 Card!
Limit 5 per number. 

I can tell you that the promotion is threw Snipp which is a promotional company that does advertising. You will get a bunch of text before the ecard goes threw to you and once you get it you should text STOP to the same number. As always data and text rates do apply. If I get a website information on this deal I will post it but the deal is now starting to be posted on the more popular sites but has been around for a few days behind the scenes. 


A box of 112 Huggies Diapers for $1.39! Best Deal Ever for a new mom.

I just scored a Size 2 Box of 112 Diapers for $1.39!!

If you join Amazon MOM there is a 30 day free trial you will get 50% off your purchase of Huggies!

You can also sign up to subscribe and save 20% and an additional 5% Savings on your first order!
Combine the two for awsome savings!

For example: Huggies Simply Clean Baby Wipes, Refill, 648 Count was $14.99 now $10.97 then after the 50% off and the Subscribe and save total will be $3.50 FREE Shipping! 

I got Diapers Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers, Size 2, 112 Count 
The Price on Amazon was $29.99 now $23.22 
Then did the Subscribe and Save which was $18.66 
(did it for every 5 months and will cancel when I get the 1st order) 
I placed my order confirmed all the information 
It applied 50% off from my first order with Amazon Mom. 
And the 5% additional for my subscribe and save.
Which brought my total to $6.39 with tax. 
Since I had a $5 Amazon Gift Card in my SwagBucks account 
I used that too and Paid $1.39!


Remember if you like to cancel the subscribe and save you can do so without a charge or penalty. 

As for the Swagbucks you can click here to join or click on the photo below. Swagbucks is rather easy but do have some hints for you in order to start earning. You must install the tool bar and just use the search bar to search. They have surveys and daily polls also. I use the internet a lot and when I am super busy I can earn 450 Swagbucks in a month. The more you use it the more Swagbucks bonuses you will get. 

Each 450 Swagbucks can then be redeemed for one $5 Amazon Gift Card. It is the EASIEST way to make some extra money to use on super deals like this.  SIGN UP NOW!



Friday, August 1, 2014

Facebook is Down 8/1

If you are trying to access Facebook right now and are receiving this message you are not alone. Yes Facebook is down!

Over the last day or so there have been issues but right now seems to be more wide spread. Seems they are changing into a BUY now feature and well it is causing some maintenance and technical issues while trying to transfer over.

As many of you may not know is this is not my first webpage. 
I actually have vast knowledge of webpages and the internet. 
I know how to program and have an extensive background 
in Sales and Marketing. 


Freebie Friday

Here is your Freebie Friday Round Up for this first day of August. Wow can you believe it is August already? Almost Christmas!
Free Stuff and Samples that is up for grabs!
Some make some great stocking stuffers hehe....





(Shipping charges do apply on following)



Thursday, July 31, 2014

Make some Spaghetti Hot Dogs Tonight for about 23 cents!

Gwaltney Hot Dogs are on sale this week at Publix for $1.00
Publix has a new coupon book called Summer Savings 
(ask at customer service they usually will give you two) 
There was a 40/1 Blinkie out a few weeks back but don't worry they was a 75/2 coupon in the paper as well!


Buy (2) Gwaltney Hot Dogs Total $2.00
Use (1) $.80/2 from the Publix Smart Savings Book 
And (2) $.40/1 Blinkies found at several stores a few weeks back 
Pay 40 cents or 20 cents each pack of hot dogs! 

If you do not have the blinkies that is okay....
Buy (2) Gwaltney Hot Dogs Total $2.00
Use (1) $.80/2 from the Publix Smart Savings Book 
And (1) $.75/2 Gwaltney Products 7/13 SS (Regional)
Pay 45 cents or 22 cents each pack of hot dogs! 
Now Let's Make Spaghetti Hot Dogs!
You coupon you have to have at least one box of spaghetti. 
I use Pot Sized Pasta since it was free and already broken in half
Get a pot and some salt and boil some water.
NOTE: Regular Spaghetti is best so they do not break.
As water boils cut hot dogs into pieces and stick the pasta threw
When pasta is done drain and serve... the kids will love this. 
I usually do the sauce on the side.  
 If you are in need of some Muller's Pot Sized Pasta
They are BOGO at Winn Dixie this week 

Muller's Pot Sized Pasta on sale $1.66 BOGO
Buy (2) and Use (2) $.75/1 Mullers Pot Sized Pasta Peelie 
Pay 1 penny for both boxes! 
Peelie found on Canned Hunts Tomatoes and also on 
Muller Pasta Boxes at several stores!



Febreeze Catalina at Winn Dixie makes for a smoking hot deal!

Febreeze Allergen is on sale at Winn Dixie for $2.79
There is a Catalina for $2.00 that will print when you buy (2) 
And of course we have a few coupons so let me break it down. 

Grab yourself (4) Allergen Febreeze 

Buy (2) Allergen Febreze Total $5.58 plus tax
Use (1) BOGO Febreze Product from P&G
And (1) $50/2 Target Coupon NLA :(
Pay $2.29 plus tax BUT get back $2.00 Catalina!

Then Buy (2) Allergen Febreze Total $5.58 plus tax
Use (1) BOGO Febreze Product from P&G
And (1) $50/2 Target Coupon NLA :( 
And (1) $2.00 Catalina from previous purchase
Pay 29 cents plus tax BUT get back $2.00 Catalina!

For a total of (4) Febreze Allergen for $2.58 PLUS you will still be left with a $2.00 Catalina Coupon 
It is like paying 14 cents each after all coupons and Catalina!
Even without the Target Coupon it is still a very good deal! 

Febreze Allergen Reducer helps clean the air in your home  with specially formulated ingredients to reduce inanimate allergens that can become airborne in your home, the new Allergen Reducer goes beyond odor elimination to help your family breathe happy.

There is also fuel perks tied to them for every 10 you buy you get 10 cents in bonus fuel perks for that month. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

This Weeks Hot Price Matching at Walmart!

If you live in Florida you are already aware that Walmart Price Matches. They will price match up to two BOGO items or four items. Yes you can also use coupons on top of this. Although you do not need the ad in your hand (they have them there) it would save you time and plus it is better to know exactly what the product is regarding size and etc. 

Thanks to the WallyWorld Woman

The concept is great for the everyday shopper and also people who coupon lightly because it will save you money, since Walmart prices tend to be priced lower then other major grocery chains. Additionally you are able to shop the deal all at one place which will save you time and money. Although this is not a great concept for those who extreme shop due to the limits, it is perfect for your everyday family looking to get in on the sales and to save money. 


Select Post Cereals Including Fruity Pebbles 11- 14.75 oz 
Priced $2.89 (or more) at Publix and only $2.32 at Walmart
Buy (2) Boxes of Select Post Cereals
Use (1) $1/2 Post Kids’ cereals & treats
7/27 SS
Price Match the Publix BOGO Deal 
Pay $1.32 or about 66 cents each! 
* Look for $1/1 Peelies at Walmart to make them even cheaper!

Keebler Cookies Chips Deluxe or Simply Made 10-15 oz 
Priced $3.59 BOGO (or more) at Publix and only $1.98-$2.50 at Walmart
Buy (2) Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Simply Cookies 
Price Match the Publix BOGO Deal 
 Pay about $1.50 or 75 cents each (or cheaper)!

Zatarain’s Rice 5.7 – 6.9 oz 
Priced $1.32 BOGO (or more) at Publix and only $1.32 at Walmart 
Buy (2) Boxes of Zatarain's 
Use (1) $50/2 Zatarain 6/22 RP 
Price Match the Publix BOGO Deal
Pay just about 82 cents or 41 cents each!


Soft Soap Liquid Hand Soap 7.5oz 
Priced $3.59 BOGO at Winn Dixie and only $1.47 at Walmart
Buy (2) Soft Soap Liquid Hand Soap 
Use (2) $.35/1 Soft Soap 7/27 SS
Price Match Winn Dixie BOGO Deal 
Pay 67 cents or 33 cents each!

Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent 24-32 loads liquid or Power Paks 16-20 ct
Priced $4.99 BOGO at Winn Dixie and only $2.83 at Walmart
Buy (2) Arm and Hammer Detergents 
Use (1) $2/2 Arm and Hammer Detergents 7/13 SS
Pay 83 cents or just 42 cents each!

Also check out your ads for more great deals and more with great Walmart Prices!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hot Deal Starting Thursday at Publix Link to Match Ups

Buy (2) Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bars Priced $4.99 BOGO 
Pay just 99 cents each!  
Price Matching this at Walmart where they are priced about $3.97
To pay about 97 cents for both boxes!