Friday, November 21, 2014

Free Bag of Coffee Now this is what I need!

Free Bag of Amora Coffee!

Begin with your first bag FREE in the blend of your choosing. *Just pay $4.95 for Packing & Priority Mail®. 

If you opt to continue then you will Receive the FREE stainless steel canister and FREE silver-plated scoop in your second shipment. A $28 value and worth every penny from the reveiws that I have read on the company!

 You can also get a bonus bag for just $8.95 with no additional shipping charges! 


Great Christmas Gift that Keeps on Giving!  

As always if you choose NOT to participate after you sign up and get your free bag you can choose to unsubscribe from the service via phone as soon as you receive your shipment!

Not a bad deal to try some gourmet cofee!

$3 off $15 Select Meat Purchase Target Coupon and more

Target has really been stepping up their game with all the crazy cartwheel deals for Christmas. 

They also have some awsome coupons... 

Plus this weekend do not forget to grab a paper or two because Target is releasing 4 different HOT coupons
(Note: Not available in all areas)

Free $10 gift card with holiday shop purchase of $50 or more
$10 off select Household Products $40 or more
$5 off 3 Hanes Apparel Items
Free $5 Gift Card when you purchase $20+ in select snack items

OMG over $100.00 off on this Expresso Machine!

Amazon is selling this right now for about $139.99 I am about to show you how to get it for just about $60.00 with Free Shipping. 

First and Foremost sign in to your Ebates Account or Create One.. 

Then Select Newegg where theya re offering back 1% (okay not great but if your a new signey to Ebates your gonna get your gift card with this deal and well every penny helps.) 

You can just search for Item#: N82E16896108120
which is the KRUPS XP601050 Mechanical Pump Espresso Silver
It is listed at $179.99 but on sale for $69.99 with a limit of 5
Great deal and over $80 less than the next lowest price online. 

Plus they are saying it qualifies for FREE Shipping!
So if your new to Ebates you would be spending $69.99 plus tax 
PLUS get back a $10 Gift Card! 
That is a savings of over $120.00 What?


Get a free $10 Gift Card with Purchase of a $50 Gift Card at Chilis!

Every year the people who I do not know what to get 
receive a nice gift card. Come on you know you buy gift cards too!

What is better then a Gift card? Another Gift Card for free! 

Everyone has to eat... and I love me the 2 for $20 deal at Chili's 
The Honey Chipolte Chicken is my favorite!


Need Sneakers?

Just scored a pair of Fila Sneakers for $20.00 plus shipping!  

As you can see these same stores are selling at other stores for 3 times as much!. 

For the best deal sign into Ebates... 

Go to Select a store and choose Boscov's 

You will earn back 3.0% cash back 

When you get to the site just search under 

 athletic sneaker-ladies -and then fila athletic.

They have a few but I really like the...

Ladies Fila Admire Athletic Sneakers!

The weather is getting cold and I can not wear my flip flops!

Keep in mind if you JUST signed up to Ebates and choose your Gift card I would buy (2) pairs of sneakers at this price and that way you earn not only the cash back towards your Big Fat Check BUT you will also qualify for the gift card. 


Want to earn extra money this holiday season?

Now that the holidays are here it is time for you to sign up for Ebates if you have not done so. 

What is Ebates?
Basically what it is is a huge affiliate. The stores pay Ebates to get customers to them and in return Ebates pays you (the customer) a kick back for using them. It really is the best thought of plan when it comes to online shopping. 

Is it easy to sign up? 
Signing up in as easy as entering in a user name and password and entering in how you wish to be paid. Which is either by paypal or by the form of a BIG FAT CHECK. Literally it says Big Fat Check on the check that you get from them. 

Any other Promotions?
Yes when you click the link here. You will be directed over to the Ebates page and if you never signed up with them before you should see a page that looks like this... 

All you do is choose the gift card that you wish and you will get that gift card after you make your first purchase using Ebates over $25.00 before shipping and taxes. You do have a time frame to get the offer so make sure after you have done that to buy something online within a short time frame or you will loose the card. 

Then what do I do after I sign up? 
You will go to the ebates home page and it will look like the photo below filled with a bunch of deals and promotions. 

If you already know what store that you want to shop you will see on your left side it will say select a store. Choose the store that you wish to shop at and you will be redirected over to that site. Just as if you went to the site yourself BUT as I said earlier you will know be earning cash back on all your purchases. 

Are there a lot of stores to choose from? 
Yes tons.. Target, Home Depot, Walmart, Kmart, Sears, Ebay, Amazon, and anything and almost everything in between. 
They have thousands of stores and each one offers cash back.
They even run promotions where there is double cash back! 

How much cash back do I earn? 
When you go to the part where it says Select a store there will be hundreds of stores listed and it will say how much each store is giving in cash back. Here is an example... 
As you can see from here right now (this does change often) if you go threw Ebates and click Walmart. You will earn 2.0% Cash back. 

I was looking at buying a new washer and dryer. 
Sears had a great set for $1500.00. 
I signed into Ebates where that day it was giving back 6.0%
That is $90.00 my friend.
Plus I used my Sears card and earned a ton of points... 
which again turned into money back in my pocket.

 But I am not saying you HAVE to go out and spend tons even if your spending $50 here $10 there. 
The cash back does add up after awhile and you can keep track of it and when your BIG fat Check comes you will thank me. 

Can I still use promotional codes when using Ebates?
Yes for the msot part what you do after you get to that site has nothing to do with any promotion or cash back that you are getting from ebates so go ahead and enter that code or jump on a sale and earn even more money back in your pocket. 

When do I get paid? 
Ebates sends out payments once every 3 months. BUT if you have learned less than $5.01 it will carry over to the next quarter. When you log into your account you can click on your earnings to see how much your up to. So right now if your shopping between October 1st and December 31st you will get your BIG FAT CHECK sent out or deposited into your account on February 15th.

Why would you NOT use Ebates? 
 I really can not think of a reason why you would not want to use Ebates. You use Ibotta to get cash back when you shop at grocery stores why would you not use Ebates when you shop on line? 



Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Starbucks $10 Gift Card for just $5.00!

Click here to grab your $10 Starbucks Gift Card for just $5.00

Just sign in or sign up and then type Starbucks in the Search Link!

This would make a great employee gift or a stocking stuffer!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

What is better then 59 cents per pound Turkeys... how about 45 cents per pound!

Publix has Turkeys for 59 cents per lb I grabbed an 12 lb turkey for $7.08 and used this $1.50/1 MarketFresh Coupon from Target and Paid $5.50 WHAT?

Market fresh is the Target Brand so if your store takes Target then I would jump on this one!